the sandwich that inspired a revolution sandwich catalog.

the humble tomato sandwich is always a winner.

this one also won the hearts and minds of people everywhere and inspired a website.

K: This content
K: is not for the faint of heart.
me: How is that heavenly sandwich cross section shot not for the faint of heart?!
me: And those bright red tomatoes!
K: No I’m saying that the content is so amazing that it’ll make observers swoon

M: sounds like great content to me

K and M were astonished by my skillful photography, but i hope sandwichesimade inspires them to disconnect from our media-obsessed culture and assemble a tomato sandwich of their own.

here is how i made a tomato sandwich.

1. tenderly slice a tomato


2. spread mayo on toast with reckless abandon


3. gingerly top toast with tomato slices


4. sprinkle salt and tj’s everyday seasoning like it’s 1999


5. a tomato sandwich